China Tourist Visa

Basic Documents

(1) Passport
Original passport with at least six months of remaining validity and with blank visa pages, a photocopy of the passport's data page and the photo page.

(2) Visa Application Form and Photo
One completed Visa Application Form with a recently-taken colour photo (bare-head, full face) against a light background (size: 48mm x 33mm) attached. There are two ways to prepare your application form. You may complete an application form (where a Visa Centre provides such service),  print it out and sign it; or, you can download the application form from our website and fill it out manually and sign it. Please remember to bring the completed form to the Visa Centre to submit your application.

(3) Proof of legal status (applicable for those not applying for the visa in their country of citizenship)If you are applying for a visa in a country that is not the country of your citizenship, you must provide the original and photocopy of your valid certificates of residence, employment or student status, or other valid certificates of legal stay provided by the relevant authorities of the country where the Visa Centre is located.

(4) Photocopy of previous Chinese passports or previous Chinese visas (applicable for those who were Chinese citizens and have obtained foreign citizenship).If you are applying for a Chinese visa for the first time, you should provide the last Chinese passport held and a photocopy of its data page.If you have obtained Chinese visas before and apply for a Chinese visa with a renewed foreign passport that does not contain any Chinese visa, you should present the photocopy of the previous passport's data page and the photo page if it is separate, as well as the previous Chinese visa page (If your name on the current passport differs from that on the previous one, you must provide an official document of name change).

(5)A Chinese child born in Canada: The child should apply for a Chinese visa at the Chinese Visa Center if the parents’ status at the time of the child’s birth falls into one of the following three categories: 

a) Both of the parents were Chinese and residing abroad with the foreign permanent resident card; 

b) One of the parents was a foreigner and the other was Chinese residing abroad with the foreign permanent resident card; 

c) Both of the parents were Chinese, one of them residing abroad with the foreign permanent resident card. If the parents’status does not belong to the previously mentioned categories, the child needs to apply for the Chinese Travel Document at the Visa Office of the Chinese Consulate. If it is the first time to apply for a Chinese visa, the applicant should provide birth certificate (bearing parents' names) and parents' passports and foreign permanent resident cards (original and copy).   

Supporting documents

Documents showing the itinerary including air ticket booking record (round trip) and proof of a hotel reservation, etc. or an Invitation Letter for Tourist issued by a relevant unit or individual in China.The invitation letter should contain:  

(1) Information of the applicant (incl. full name, gender, date of birth, etc.); 

(2) Details of the planned visit (incl. arrival and departure dates, place(s) to be visited, accomodation arrangements, etc.);

(3) Information of the inviting party(incl. name of organization or person concerned, contact telephone number, address, official stamp of the organization, signature of the legal representative or individual).

Special notes

(1) The invitation letter may be in the form of fax, photocopy or computer printout, but the consular officer may require the applicant to submit the original of the invitation letter. An issuer of invitation letter who is an individual in China should also provide a photocopy of his/her Chinese ID.

(2) If necesssary, the consular officer may require the applicant to provide other proof documents or supplementary materials, or require an interview with the applicant.

(3) The consular officer will decide on whether or not to issue the visa and on its validity, duration of stay and number of entries in light of specific conditions of the applicant.   


1. Regular Service fee $236.25 includes GST and everything.

2. Express Service fee $352.25 includes GST 

3. Rush Service fee $488 includes GST

It will take 7 - 8 business days to complete visa for regular service, and 3-4 days for express, and 2-3 days for rush.

Note: Group (5 or more) people, please call us for discount prices.

Downloads China Visa Application Form

China Visa Application Form

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